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Quick Idea: Roman Numeral Wrap Up: Various column styles, which originated in Greece, were also popular in Rome. The more decorated style was Corinthian which had the shape of leaves carved in the top.

Itty Bitty Red Hand 603-1 Vellum Journal: Books were made of papyrus scrolls. Later parchment or vellum, a sheer paper, was used to record events, write letters and make books.

603-2 Samian Ware Tile: Many homes were decorated with pottery wall decorations called reliefs. Many different types of clay were used depending on the area. One style was called Samian ware, a red clay pottery popular after AD 100.

603-3 Aqueducts: The land, which surrounded Rome was abundant with springs. This water was channeled into the city of Rome through the channels of aqueducts. Large cisterns held the water at the end of the aqueducts and were used for baths and fountains.

603-4 Mosaic Frame: Originating in Greece, the Romans became famous for their mosaics. Bits of glass and stone were arranged to form designs for jewelry, vases and other art forms.

603-5 Marine Mosaic Tile: Because of the proximity to water, marine or sea themes were an important design element in Ancient Rome.

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