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Quick Idea: Yarn Shirt: Mayans were known for their weaving skills. This traditional shirt incorporates texture and color for a traditional Mayan design.

604-1 Headdress: Mayans wore colorful headdresses for ceremonies. They prized the long blue green tail feathers of the bird, quetzel whoc and used them to embellish their headdresses.

604-2 Mayan Pot: Mayans developed many traditional designs for pots and containers made from clay in the Yucatan peninsula. Natural colors such as sand characterized these pots as well as textured designs.

604-3 Stela: A Mayan Stela is a monument carved in stone commemorating significant historic people and events. They are similar to a Native American Totem pole.

604-4 Stepped Frame: The Mayans built stepped pyramids with stairways leading to temples at the top. Usually they were built of limestone and were often painted red.

604-5 Astronomy Wall Hanging: The Maya developed a calendar system based on the movement of the moon and stars. They are known for their astronomy skills.


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