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Quick Idea: Metal Bracelet: Vikings are known for using varied types of metals and also for wearing jewelry – both women and men.

605-1 Coins: Coins were a means of trading and were made from various metals. Often Runic symbols were embossed into the surface.

605-2 Weathervane: Carved weather vanes were mounted on the front of long boats as a navigational aid. Many times they were in the shape of a sea animal.

Itty Bitty Red Hand 605-3 Viking Longboat: The Vikings sailed in ships known as longboats. They were known for their sleek and stylish look. These ocean going vessels were propelled by sails and oars.

605-4 Helmet: Defensive equipment such as a helmet was very important since the Vikings often fought hand to hand. Helmet design varied from a simple iron mask with a riveted nose guard to more elaborate styles.

605-5 Runic Bracelet: Runic writings were carved in stone, bone, horn wood, and on metal and coins. These inscriptions often contain information about a person, such as their voyages, family, wealth and talents. The word “rune” comes from a Gothic word meaning secrets.


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