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Quick Idea: 3D Decoder Glasses: The first dual eyeglass lenses mounted in frames appeared about 1285 in Italy.

607-1 Windmill: Water wheels were developed in the 12th century and changed the way work was completed.

607-2 Battle Shield: Knights represented the feudal system. Metal was boiled in wax to form a shield with an embossed design.

607-3 Tournament Flag: Events were held between castles which included jousting. Flags with the crests of the families or castles were carried to identify the group in tournaments. Heraldry designs identified friends and enemies in battles.

607-4 Shop Sign: The Middle ages were the time of the Craftsman. Shop owners developed signs, many embossed wood to identify their craft. To be a citizen you had to be in one of the 21 useful trades.

607-5 Faux Marble Heraldry Journal: Heraldry developed because knights in armour were difficult to recognize as friend or enemy. Families were identified by their coat of arms.


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