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Quick Idea. Labyrinth pendant: A labyrinth is a maze design used as patterns on the floors of many cathedrals. The purpose is to travel the path of the maze as a searching journey to your goal at the center of the maze.

608-1 Milano Keys: Milano silversmiths were known for their intricate lock and key designs.

608-2 Venetian Glass: The Fleur de lis or lily is the city emblem of Florence where the Medici family was a patron of the arts and ruled the city. Venetian glass came to prominence during the middle ages and continued during the rebirth of the arts during the Renaissance.

608-3 Book Mark: The printing press was developed by Johann Gutenberg in 1450. It made the mass production of books possible. This is often considered one of the inventions that began the Renaissance.

608-4 Landscape: Many times symbols existed in the backgrounds of famous landscapes of the renaissance. Landscapes were scenes of country life that became popular during the 15th century as wealth families went to the countryside for vacation.

Itty Bitty Red Hand 608-5 Millifiori: This term means “thousands of flowers”. It is another name for mosaic beads, where designs and colors are fused together.


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