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Quick Idea: Emperor’s Coin: This pendant is a replica of a coin from the Ming Dynasty.

Itty Bitty Red Hand609-1 Terra Cotta Picture Frame: Terra Cotta was use extensively in China. This project is in honor of the Terra Cotta Soldiers of the tomb of the emperor of the Qin Dynasty 221-206 B.C. Chinese Terra Cotta vases have been discovered from as early as 3000 B.C.

609-2 Abacus: This is a calculating tool made of rows of beads on a rod. It was invented some time in the second century B.C. but the first record was a sketch in the 14th century in the Yuan Dynasty.

609-3 Foam Dragon: The dragon represents wisdom and kind, power in the Chinese culture. He is the imperial symbol of China though the origin is unknown.

609-4 Tetrahedron Kite: The Chinese were the first people to ever make and fly kites. Some were designed as animals and many were very large. National kite flying day in China is in April.

609-5 Symbolic Book Cover: Chinese Calligraphy is an art form over 2000 years old, which remains basically unchanged. Lines and brush strokes represent words and letters.


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