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Quick Project: Eraser Clay totem: Totems are symbols of Native American tribes and often feature wildlife creatures known for specific traits.

610-1 Tag Bag: Treasured items were often carried in animal skins bags. This bag also doubles as a “memo” pad.

610-2 Wampum Necklace: The color of the beads symbolized different things: White for health, peace and riches. Purple for sympathy and sorrow. Dark purple was the most valuable. Wampum beads were also traded as currency.

610-3 Owner Stick: When Native American families gathered firewood or food, they marked the pile they had collected with an owner stick or possession stick.

610-4 Cork Painting: Native Americans developed many characteristic designs which covered their homes and clothing. Cork reminds us of the textured rawhide surfaces used in traditional Native American painting.

610-5 Navaho Hogan Box: The Navaho Hogan is an eight-sided structure made of logs. The female Hogan is the family home where children are raised. A smaller structure where men meet is the male Hogan. The door of the Hogan always faces east to meet the rising sun.


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