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Quick Project: Colonial America was known for simple toys and decorative woodcarvings. This tassel holder was a way to add a decorative touch to the home using left over yarn scraps.

611-1 Silver Tray: Almost every colonial town had a silversmith who made
candlesticks, platters and bowls. Intricate designs were cut into the metal by engraving.

611-2 Log Cabin Quilt: Not a scrap of fabric was thrown away and patchwork was a common design in Colonial America. Log cabin is a particular pattern which looked like stacked logs.

611-3 Rug: Apples are a traditional colonial design. Only wealthy people had rugs, others made painted rugs of canvas from ship’s sails.

611-4 Welcome Bandbox: Bandboxes were used to store the stiff collars worn by the colonists. This box also uses decoupage which started with scraps of paper – which were never thrown out.

611-5 Wired Candle Holder: In colonial times, candleholders were forged in metal. A special kind was one with spirals, called a courting candle, as the candle burned down to the spirals it reminded the suitor it was time to leave.


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