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Quick Project: Princess Mirror: Modern day mirror making changed with the invention of a new process in 1835.

612-1 Zoetrope: A zoetrope is a revolving drum with slits on the side. On the inside of the drum was a flexible card with a sequence of 20-30 pictures. As you turned the drum and looked through the slits it appeared as if the object was moving. This was an early form of motion pictures.

612-2 Morse Code: Samuel Morse developed the electromagnetic telegraph and the electronic alphabet known as Morse Code. On May 24, 1844, Morse sent his first telegraph message.

612-3 Wedgewood: Josiah Wedgewood (1730-1795) revolutionized the production and sale of pottery. Inspired by Chinaware, Wedgewood was first made during the industrialization of factories using waterwheels to turn machines.

612-4 Cotton bags: The beginning of the Industrial Revolution was based on the cotton industry and many of the inventions were made for manufacturing and producing cotton.

612-5 Pointillism: Part of the Industrial Revolution also involved a revolution of Art forms. Pointillism and George Seurat were an important part of the Neo-Impressionist movement.


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