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Itty Bitty Red Hand 707-1 Rush Weaving – Natural rush chair seats are made by weaving a tight pattern from twisted leaves of rush or cattail. We’re using a similar technique with hemp fiber.

707-2 Paper Quilt Wall Hanging – Starting with scraps of fabric and leftover clothing, quilting has always been a way to recycle fabric into a new use. Our pattern is an Amish design characterized by stark geometric shapes, black thread and fabric highlighting bold colors.

707-3 Jacobs Ladder – Folk art plays a big part in the culture of Appalachia. Simple wooden toys were often created for children from scraps of wood and cloth. Jacobs ladder is based on a bible story.

Itty Bitty Red Hand 707-4 Clay Folk Doll – Nothing went to waste, and dolls are often made by hand for young children. This folk doll is a traditional Appalachian design.

707-5 Basket Weaving – Another of the basic traditional crafts of these mountain communities was weaving. Baskets could be created for all different purposes and from natural materials found in the surrounding area. Our basket actually can be made from fine hemp or cording or even floss.

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