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Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Nevada

709-1 Thunder Bird – The thunderbird was one of the spiritual animals for most Native American Tribes. To this day this symbol is found in many designs of the Southwest. The Thunderbird is a large bird that produced thunder when flapping its wings. By opening and closing its eyes, Thunderbirds are also known to make lightning

709-2 Horseshoe – The horseshoe is a symbol of good luck when displayed with the open side up – it holds good fortune. It is a good symbol for the west, as horses play an important part in this regions economy. The west is also home to cowboys and rodeos.

709-3 Relief Map – We chose the West to display a relief map of the entire Unites Sates – a relief shows different elevations – so the mountain states were an appropriate place.

Itty Bitty Red Hand 709-4 Sand Frame – The dry climate of Nevada inspired this sand frame. In fact both the Mojave and Great Basin desert extend into Nevada. Deserts are dry and arid though a common misconception is that they are lifeless and cold. Many plants and animals have adapted to a lack of water. Temperatures can also be very cool at night.

709-5 All About Me, Scrapbook: The study of genealogy or family history is an important part of the Mormon religion, which has a large following in Utah. Genealogy is a big part of scrapbooking. Today this is the fastest growing craft activity in the United States.

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