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Washington, Oregon, California, Alaska

711-1 Grape Vine Pot – Vineyards occupy many acres of land in southern California. In fact California is the major source of domestic wine for the Unite States. Agriculture was its main industry until recently when related manufacturing grew. The success of grape growing is related to California’s good soil, long growing season and modern agricultural methods.

711-2 Igloo – Igloo is the Inuit word for house. The Eskimos traditionally had three types of houses. A summer house, which was basically a tent, a winter house, which was usually partially dug into the ground and covered with earth; and a snow or ice house. The last was a dome-shaped dwelling constructed of blocks of snow with a low tunnel entrance. Although it can provide adequate protection for weeks in severe cold, it was used almost exclusively as a temporary shelter while traveling.

711-3 Painted Can Totem – Native Americans in southern Alaska used an art form called a totem. They are carved from mature cedar trees and raised to represent a family-clan, its accomplishments, its adventures, and stories. A totem pole is the emblem of a family or clan and made as a reminder of its ancestry.

711-4 Salmon Jewelry – Visit Alaska for some of the best salmon fishing in the world. Alaska leads the nation in commercial fishing and food processing – canning and freezing are a related industry. Five types of salmon are found in Alaska: King, Sockeye, Pink, Chum and Coho.

711-5 Mt McKinley – The highest mountain peak in the United States and all of North America, is Alaska’s Mt. McKinley, at 20,320 feet. The aurora is caused by particles of solar wind colliding with atmospheric atoms and icons. The atmosphere consists mainly of nitrogen and oxygen. When solar wind hits the atoms, a spectrum of color and light radiates in the northern sky.

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