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712-1 Flower Lei – A flower lei has become a symbol of welcome for visitors to Hawaii. Different flowers and colors represent each island: Niihau – white; Kauai – Purple; Oahu - Yellow ; Maui -Pink; Molokai - Green; Lanai – Orange: Kahoolawe – Grey; Big Island of Hawaii - Red

712-2 Bark Cloth – Bark or Tapa cloth was created by Polynesian settlers. The men would cut branches from the paper mulberry tree; the women would peel away the outer bark with shells. The inner bark was soaked in water until soft, and then beaten with wooden mallets until it was as thin as cloth.

Itty Bitty Red Hand 712-3 Tapa Cloth Mat – Tapa making is a laborious native craft and is actually the same as Bark cloth. For this project we concentrate on the design and colors rather than the material.

712-4 Pineapple – Over 1/3 of the worlds pineapples are grown in Hawaii. This tropical fruit is their major agricultural product and a basis for their principal industry – food processing. In history the pineapple was a symbol for welcome.

712-5 Coral reef – Coral reefs are found in tropical oceans near the equator. A reef is a coral community made up of thousands of different organism living together. It is living and grows very slowly – only about 1 inch per hundred years!

712-6 Vacation Scrapbook – One of the favorite destinations for travelers from all over the world, is the tropical paradise of Hawaii. This scrapbook page is for your photos whether you actually visit this beautiful place or just imagine it.

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