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By Patty Cox



Main supplies:

  • Pacon® KolorFast® Deco-Puffstm tissue paper
  • Green, lime, pink, teal, white, red ( avail. in assorted pack)
  • 11/2” styrofoam ball
  • 27/16” styrofoam egg
  • toothpick
  • white glue
  • Forster® mini craft sticks, 2 orange, 1 green
  • 2-dark blue Pacon® pony beads
  • Fiskars® scissors
  • Pencil


1. Fold each of the 51/2” tissue squares in half, then half again. Fold this square in half, then half again making a 13/8” square. Unfold and cut along lines to make 16 squares of each color. You will need 2 sheets of white and lime.
2. Insert a toothpick half way into small styrofoam ball. Dot other end of toothpick with glue, then press toothpick into styrofoam egg.
3. Following pattern, pencil color placements on styrofoam. Starting in one color area,fold a square of tissue around the point of the pencil, dip in glue and press into styrofoam, about 1/4” deep. Keep adding squares of color, working one area at a time. Make holes about 1/8” apart.
4. Apply glue on one end of green craft stick. Insert craft stick end into tail position on styrofoam. Pinch several green tissue squares into a point. Apply glue to tail top. Glue tissue on tail.
6. Glue pony beads in position for eyes. Cut orange craft sticks in half. Cut the ends to a point. Apply glue to two pointed ends. Insert pointed ends into feet position on styrofoam. Cut pointed ends on each end of remaining craft stick halves for beak. Glue and insert pointed craft sticks into beak area.

Pacon® KolorFast® Deco-Puffstm, pony beads



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