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The Philippines are actually made up of 7100 islands, this is called an archipelago. Located north of the equator in the westernmost Pacific Ocean, the Philippines are north of Indonesia and directly east of Vietnam and are a part of the East Indies. The people are known as Filipinos. It is a place of contrasts. There are very modern areas, but also some of the oldest tribal communities in the nation. The cultural traditions have many roots based on their history – there are Asian influences, English words, and Spanish religious influence. The Filipinos traditions are very diverse. The isolation of each island became the primary influence on traits, behavior and culture.

902-1 Sarimanok: This is the legendary bird that has become a symbol of Maranaw art. It is depicted as a bird with wings and feathered tail, holding a fish on its beak or talons. The head is decorated with scrolls, leaves and spirals.

902-2 Inlay Box: This box highlights two main products of the Philippines and their art – mother of pearl and brass. Okir is a design with Indian and Islamic influence. We create a papier mache box with the look of precious metals.

902-3 Palm Frond Tote: Palms are found in many tropical climates, but in the Philippines they are also an important part of their culture - for weaving, basketry, hats and totes – rather than weaving the palm –we use the palm as a stamping tool.

902-4 Parol: Bright colors and swirling squares, pentagons and octagons, this Christmas star lantern is the countries most ethnic Christmas symbol. Layers of colored paper cut in intricate designs form these lanterns. The Parol was originally used to light the way to church on December 16th, the official start of the Christmas season. The Parol is an expression of shared faith and hope.

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