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New Zealand is made up of 2 major islands and is located south east of Australia. It is a very mountainous country with some large coastal plains. Tourism is the largest growth industry. Settled by the Maori, this is actually a combination of Iwi, Hapu and Whanua units. The name is derived from Ma-Uri which means children of heaven. Originally they were hunters but became farmers. Today the approximately 500,000 Maori live manly in cities but are closely connected to their tribes.

904-1 Maori Kite: Maori is the cultural group first inhabiting New Zealand. In Maori carving, this style head is known as the Tai Tokerau and is from the northern part of the north island. The distinguishing feature is the bell shaped head. Kites were flown both for fun and sometimes serious reasons by both adults and children. At social gatherings each person would have their own kite, though not all flew perfectly. Some were made of bark.

904-2 Jade Koru Pendant: Elaborately carved personal ornaments are often worn in Maori culture. The spiral koru symbolizes an opening fern frond, bringing new life and purity. It also represents tranquility and new beginnings. Jade is also found in New Zealand. The traditional carvings on jade, wood, bone and balsam record history, events, and the identity of the carver.

904-3 Maori Pendant – our second jewelry piece introduces other Maori symbols. These symbols have a distinctive pattern and are often found as tattoos. This art form is an important indicator of rank.

904-4 Sand Cards- many islands have sand – but in New Zealand it is a part of one of their art forms. We duplicate this look with colored sand and cardstock and traditional symbols plus a creative shaker card.

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