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Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world, located just 250 miles from the east coast of Africa. In the late 1690’s and early 1700’s, Madagascar was a refuge to pirates because of the Indian Ocean trade routes. . It is also know as the great Red island. The main languages are Malagasy and French. Historically the traditions are rooted in their Indonesian and African ancestors.

905-1 Treasure chest jewelry box: As a pirate escape, Madagascar had all of the right elements: good weather, friendly locals, fresh water, abundant food and at the time – no military to bother the pirates. This paper craft treasure chest is reminiscent of the trunks of that time period and can hold your precious treasures.

905-2 Snake: Madagascar is home to more than 80 species of snakes – none which are dangerous to humans. One snake that is greatly feared by natives is the harmless fandrefiala. The Malagasy believe this brown, tree snake drops tail first from trees while stiffening its body like a spear to stab people or cattle. We make a bendable snake to illustrate this type of snake.

905-3 Sunset moth: Compared to their African counterparts, Malagasy butterflies are generally larger, more vividly colored and tend to have more exaggerated wing shapes. The large day-flying Sunset moth is marked with iridescent colors on its wings.

905-4 Wooden Spoons: The only eating utensil traditionally found in Madagascar is the spoon! We decided to take the spoon and create a work of art.

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