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Taiwan is part of the Republic of China between the Philippines and Japan. Their culture is influenced by China but also has elements of Japan and the west. Many traditional values are based on Confucianism. This is a system of thought developed from the teachings of Confucius. It covers conduct, practical thought and social rules. These ideas include many related to family.

906-1 FengShuii Wind Chimes – 12 Lunar New Years Wood cut prints are used for each of the Lunar New Years. These are usually black outlines printed on red or orange paper. We create a wind chime design featuring Lunar patterns.

906-2 The Year of the Rooster: 2005 is the year of the rooster in the Chinese Zodiac. In the Chinese zodiac, each successive year is named for one of 12 animals. These 12-year cycles are continuously repeated and combined with a sequence of the five elements (water, wood, fire, metal, earth) in a 60-year major cycle. This rooster duplicates the weaving style which includes geometrics.

906-3 Wood weaving: Printed wood cuts are a popular art form in Taiwan. Usually they are black stamped on to red or orange paper and are often a part of lunar New Year celebrations. Another popular stamp is one using your name for a seal – these are embellished to be an art form.

906-4 Plum Blossom branch and sachet: The National flower is the plum blossom. The 3 stamens stand for the 3 principles of the people and 5 petals for the branches of government. It has great symbolic value because of its resilience in harsh weather.


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