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Puerto Rico is located south east of Cuba and Hispaniola in the Caribbean Sea. Puerto Rico is Spanish for “rich port”. It is a self governing territory of the U.S. Compared to some of the other islands in the Caribbean, Puerto Rico has a high standard of living with a vibrant industrialized economy. Spanish and English are the official languages. Puerto Rico culture is committed to music and dance. It is known for folk songs, ballads and classical music as well as Latin dancing such as the salsa.

907-1 Sand Castle Glitter Globe: Fort El Morro is a 6 level fortress completed in 1589 and named in honor of King Pliuppe II. With 18 foot thick walls, the fort is a maze of tunnels, dungeons, barracks outposts and ramps. El Morro has small circular sentry boxes called garitas – or lookout towers that have become a national symbol. It is the largest fortress in the Caribbean.

907-2 Red and White Jar: The first inhabitants, the Taino, originated a style of pottery with white on red pottery. This is traditional art form found in Puerto Rico.
Lesson: Papier Mache: First is a lesson; papier mache basics to create a mask shape.

907-3 Puerto Rican Mask: Caretas are papier mache masks used in ceremonies in Puerto Rico. They are usually scary with horns, fangs and bulging eyes.

907-4 Crayon Frame: The bright colors of crayons are use to indicate the many diverse cultural groups within the Puerto Rican community. With Spanish, American and African traditions – it is a varied history. Color also plays a significant role in the garments and decorations for ceremonies and dance.

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