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Jamaica is the third largest island of the West Indies locates in the Caribbean Sea south of Cuba. . The island cultural traditions reflect both African heritage and British style. It is know for beautiful natural surroundings of mountains and beaches. The island is named after the Native American word Xaymaca which means “isle of springs”. Reggae is the dominant t music style and is a combination of African folk music and calypso which originated in Trinidad.

909-1 Bandanna Pillow: One of the traditional Jamaican costumes is made of a bandanna print usually red and made of cotton. We use this traditional print to create a pillow and other accessories.

909-2 Rasta Bracelets: Rasta colors are red, yellow, green and black based on the colors of the Ethiopian flag. The Rasta religion and culture originated in Jamaica and reflect a political movement.

909-3 Gourd Tote: The calabash is a gourd used for purses and vases. It is covered with traditional etched designs.

909-4 Doctor Bird: The Swallowtail hummingbird or doctor bird lives only in Jamaica and is the national bird. It is one of the most beautiful of the 320 species of hummingbirds. Jamaica also has over 3000 plant species over 27% are found no where else in the world.

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