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Hispaniola The island of Hispaniola is home to both the Dominican Republic and Haiti. These are 2 very different cultures. Dominicans speak Spanish and follow Spanish traditions; Haitians are mostly of African descent with French traditions. Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere. Haitian Creole language is part of new movement to define the national culture reflecting African heritage. Creole has been added and accepted in many art forms such as literature, dance, music and theater. The Dominican Republic is known for music. Spanish and African traditions blend in the meringue. Another key tradition is baseball – baseball fields are found in every community.

910-1 Baseball Pennant: Baseball is the national sport of the Dominican Republic. Baseball is part of national pride for the country.

910-2 Clay dishes- Visit a gift store in the Dominican Republic and you’ll find a unique art style marked by symbols of their heritage. Bright but rich colors mimic the natural dyes first used there.

910-3 Market Scene Sack: Women carrying baskets of fresh produce on their heads is a common scene at the Haiti marketplace. The long, warm growing seasons on the island provide fruits and vegetables through out the year. Mangoes, beets, cantaloupes, avocados, papayas, hot peppers and spinach are just some of the produce grown on the island.

910-4 Street Artists Canvas: This painting illustrates a style found throughout the island – showing real people in their daily activities. The style is not very formal, with bright colors and simple images.

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