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Books can take you to far away places. You can be anyone and travel anywhere, if only in your mind. There are a few different things happening in the next group of projects. You'll be writing your own stories and creating characters and sets; plus making different kinds of puppets to bring the characters from your favorite books to life. So start thinking about the characters in your story; who they might be, what they'll be doing, where they live, and what's going to happen.

103-1 On Stage: Make the characters for your own story from the simplest of materials. This puppet technique is adaptable to any and every type of character.

103-2 Spoon Puppet: Wild and Wacky spoon critters could be hiding in your kitchen! Add some paint, wiggle eyes and imagination to bring your critter to life.

103-3 Cowboy Characters: Bread and glue make these great bread dough puppets from a popular story. Learn how to create faces and outfit your puppets.

103-4,5 The Mouse and the Motorcycle: This book provides us with two fun projects. Make the main character and his favorite mode of transportation from one of the best loved books: The Mouse and the Motorcycle by Beverly Cleary. See how paying attention to detail when you read will help you create puppets of some of your favorite characters.

103-6 The Hands-On Project: Learn about the projects done for Right to Read week in one Ohio elementary school. We've stretched the definition of crafts to include making wacky costumes.


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