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Color can mean many things. We all have a favorite color that reflects something about our personality. Reds, oranges and yellows are warm colors; blues and greens are cool colors. We feel differently in certain colors and the amount of light around us can also effect our mood. The next group of projects revolve around light and color and their interaction.

112-1 Color Wheel: Invented by Louis Prang , the color wheel is the beginning of any study on color. Make your own color palette to use in all of your future projects.

112-2 Stained Glass: Glue and paper are all you need to create beautiful stick-on stained glass. You'll try three different techniques that each create a different finish and texture.

112-3 3D Suncatchers: Acrylic balls are a great surface for paint. Light passes through open areas creating a glowing effect of color.

112-4 Make a Flashlight: Let's get a little technical and create your own source of light - a flashlight. You'll also make screens to create different shapes from light.

112-5 Luminaries: Glass, tissue and glue are used to make a luminary. By making the paper translucent and cutting decorative shapes with scissors you'll create different light patterns.

112-6 Hands-On Project: What exactly is a Hands On project. How can you start your own with your friends.


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