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The United States is located in North America with Canada to the north and Mexico to the south. The country has a rich heritage of crafting with many crafts originating with the first inhabitants, the Native Americans, others brought over by immigrants, and lastly traditions developed in the New World. The United States is a true melting pot of cultures. Our first project is a wall hanging featuring the American Eagle. The eagle is the symbol of freedom in the United States and the national bird. Next, we explore an age old craft that is just as popular today - quilting. Our quilt is paper not fabric. The industrial revolution brought many changes as women no longer had to spin their own fabrics for their family.  As more cotton in colors and prints were available quilting became a hobby. In the 1840’s block styles became popular. When the sewing machine was invented, women could make clothing faster, leaving more time for quilting. We’re making traditional quilt blocks from paper. Then, we make a rain stick inspired by Native Americans who have used them for centuries in ceremonies to bring rain. When they are tilted, the pebbles inside trickle down to create the sound of rain falling from the sky. Our final project is a beaded corncob. The United States is the largest producer of corn in the world producing more than 10 billion bushels per year on over 400,000 U.S. farms.


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