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Fiber and texture are a unique feature of United Kingdom crafts. These projects are the type you'll carry along and enjoy for a long time.

207-1 Easy Tatting: Tatting can be a very long process, but not with our new technique which gives you the look with an easy weaving technique. Create a delicate, lacy doily for tea.

207-2 Snip Shots: These great cutouts of popular figures of the United Kingdom are the perfect place to put photo cut outs of you! Be a beefeater or maybe a flying ace!

207-3 Afternoon Tea: Great new paints that stay on glass without firing will help you create your own tea cup. The design is very English, and perfect for afternoon tea or maybe an after school snack!

207-4 Over and Under Weaving: What could be more English than fine fabrics and fibers. Make a personal weaving from the same technique used to create the fine linens from this country.

207-5 Knitting Spool: English winters can be cool. Learn to knit with what is commonly called a "Dolly Bobbin". You'll make yours from spools and nails.

207-6 Hands On Project: The Linus project; blankets and quilts for sick children.


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