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This is one habitat that occurs in every part of the world with different plants found in different climates. Our garden program centers on the plants and insects of a typical back yard garden in North America.

404-1 Seed Greeting Card: Make a greeting card that will actually blossom into a bouquet of flowers. Make your own paper embedded with seeds that you can actually plant in soil. Water it and watch it grow.

404-2 Flower Whirligig: Make a fanciful wooden windmill to decorate your backyard garden. The wind has a very important role in pollination of flowers and transporting seeds. Flowers and their beautiful appearance actually evolved to attract bees for pollination.

404-3 Bumble Bee Mobile: Take a buzz through the garden with a honeybee mobile. Did you know that bees can fly 22 miles an hour, and their wings beat 180 beats per second? You'll really need to be "buzzing" to keep up with them. Bees unwittingly carry pollen on their back legs from flower to flower so that the plant can produce seeds for the next crop.

404-4 Clothespin Bugs: Wire, beads and clothespins are all you need to create 3 examples of insects: the dragonfly, grasshopper and butterfly. The dragonfly actually spends most of its life underwater, but is actually one the best flyers of the insect world. The dragonfly is a vital part of the ecosystem of a pond. While dragonflies are known to be beneficial, grasshoppers are known pests and destroyers of crops. Lastly, the butterfly is our most beautiful insect and common to the garden.

404-5 Painted Water Can: You can't have a garden without water! Plants need this nourishment for growth. Create a fun design using special paint on a metal watering can.

404-6 Hands On Project: Kids helping other kids through their crafts


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