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Agriculture farms of today often bear no resemblance to the typical farm and barn setting of the past. We take a nostalgic look at small, home-based farms, and the animals and sights common to that era of farming.

406-1 Scarecrow: One of the farmer's friends, scarecrows are still used to scare away birds that eat the seeds and flowers of certain plants. Our scarecrow has an interesting face and fun clothes.

406-2 Aerial Farm Patterns: The view from above is one of the most fascinating looks at a farm. Crops are planted in uniform rows that crete an interesting geometric pattern. Use paper and pastels to make your own layout.

406-3 Farm Puppets: Cows, pigs, horses - these are some of the barnyard animals important to farm life. Make 2 kinds of paper puppets for a fun look at farm animals.

406-4 Piggy Bank: Farms aren't complete without pigs, notorious for being a very messy animal. Our pig is actually very clean, and a perfect bank for storing loose change.

406-5 Hauling beans: Watch bean seeds germinate before your eyes! In just 1-2 days you can see the bean sprout. The root starts down in search of food, while the plumule, or the embryo leaves shoot upward in search of sunshine.

406-6 Hands On Project: Kids helping other kids through their crafts


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