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Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean. Located off the southwest tip of Italy it shares many cultural traditions with Italy but also has a culture all its own. Because of its history and location, there is evidence of Asian, African and European traditions especially Greece and Italy. Sicily is a unique place for art, archeology, history and folklore. Sicily is known for great food and strong family values.

903-1 Coffa Basket: Traditionally, Sicilian women carry their groceries in a coffa basket – they are different shapes and sizes and relate back to the agriculture on the islands.

903-2 Bread Board: We often associate grapes with Sicily – but wheat is its most important crop. The dry climate is perfect for grains and bread making is an art form. This project is a wood- burned bread board.

903-3 Pasta Jars – when you think Italian – you often think of food and family gatherings and of course pasta which is another grain product. We create hand painted pasta jars – great for holding different pasta shapes, or as a decoration with dyed pasta.

903-4 Terra cotta: Clay found in any area is unique. This clay is used in the production of terra cotta (the Italian word for baked earth) earthenware in Sicily. The most well know is Majolica – this is ceramic earthenware – this means the clay has been baked at a very high temperature to make it opaque. Majolica is painted with tin oxide lazing enamels before firing for a shiny finish.

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